Balancing History

Wooden bikes

Did You know the first balance bike was invented by German inventor Karl Drais in 1817 and was known as the velocipede which is the earliest known form of a two-wheeler without pedals.
More recently, wooden balance bikes have undergone somewhat of a renaissance which many attribute to the success of the Dygio Moto`s (Europe).
Fundamental to explosion in popularity of balance bikes is, apart from their design beauty,
the innovation of Dygio Moto  in restricting the steering movement of the bike which results in a significant increase in their stability.
Of course this success has led to an explosion in new balance bike designs appearing almost daily which has led to a significant amount of confusions for parents in reconciling the differences between different makes and models.
The good news is that once you know what to look for, the differences are easy to spot and make it easy to compare balance bikes and choose the best balance bike for your child.

Show me the worlds best balance bikes

The very first wooden bike is believed by many to have been designed by Leonardo da Vinci while the earliest useable and much copied velocipede,
It  was a German designed balance bike or running bike known as the laufmaschine from the 1800’s.
More recently wooden bikes have gained popularity in a number of formats from children’s balance bikes through to high end, and very expensive designs such as the stunning Revovo hardwood bikes.

Wooden Balance Bikes

In 1997 a German company called Kokua really pioneered the genre of wooden bikes known as balance bikes, run bikes or running bikes.
Since that time countless companies have copied the original well built and popular Dygio moto wooden bike design,
predominantly with poor quality copies with little innovation that often leave children owners heartbroken and their parents disappointed.

At Dygio moto is  a company that has developed its own unique and innovative take on wooden balance bike design, with its finest quality,
To really understand what makes the bike`s so special, you need to know what to look for when comparing balance bikes.


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