Terms & Conditions

We make every effort to supply the merchandise you order, however all products are subject to availability. If there is any problem fulfilling your order, you will be notified immediately.

All prices are stated in (EURO) and are inclusive of Goods and Services Taxes (GST) if applicable.

Refunds - Returns and Exchanges
DYGIOMOTO Ltd pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality merchandise. If you believe that the product you receive does not meet this high standard, we will gladly replace the merchandise &⁄or products. If the item is not as described or does not perform as claimed it may be returned in its original packaging within 14 days for a full money back (excluding shipping charges if applicable) Queries regarding replacement or returns of merchandise can be made by phone or via our contact us page.

Delivery and Charges
Once you have placed an order the total freight weight of merchandise &⁄or products is calculated. Based on applicable the transport cost associated with the item’s, any additional charges are added to the total price of merchandise which is displayed on the online check-out form "prior" to payment. See delivery charges page

We provide a structural guarantee on all of our products for 12 months. This does not cover general wear and tear to the bike or damage caused by use other then under recommended conditions. Maintenance and Safety recommendations are considered to form part of requirements of the warranty. This warranty is limited to the total cost of the item and does not include shipping costs if required.

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