Owning a bike will encourage your young child to become active and mobile.
We wish to highlight the importance of safety and encourage you to read these guidelines,
and to take the time to carefully explain them to your child.
Please do not use your bike without proper protection and education! Safety

General Cautions

  1. Your bike is an educational toy not a means of transportation.
     It must not be used on roads, parking lots, or other areas used by motor vehicles.
  2. The bike is suitable for children up to a maximum weight of 25kg.
    Use by children in excess of this weight may be unsafe,
    will place excessive loads on parts which may significantly reduce the life of your bike and will void your warranty.
  3. Your child is riding at an age where they may have limited peripheral vision and capacity to make decisions regarding safety.
    As an adult supervisor, you are responsible for your child's safety at all time and should practice extreme caution.

Prior to Use

  1. Before each use ensure that the bike is in safe working order.
    Inspect all aspects of the bike including the tightness of screws and visible signs of wear prior to each use.
    If your bike is damaged in any way, please do not allow your child to ride the bike until affected parts have been repaired or re placed.
    We carry all of the spares you may require so please contact us if you are unsure or require assistance.

    Choose a safe, flat, open area for your child to ride their bike that is free from cars, crowds,
    water, hills and slopes, and any other potential hazards and make sure your child understands the location of any potential hazards.

  2. Ensure a responsible adult is available to supervise the use of the bike at all times.
    Ensure that your child are aware how to operate the bike and how to stop correctly using their feet.

During Use

  1. Ensure that your child wears appropriate safety gear at all times when using their bike.
    We recommend the use of an approved bicycle safety helmet, enclosed shoes,
    knee and elbow pads and gloves and don't forget the sunscreen if playing outside.

  2. Ensure that your child remains in your sight and within range to hear any instructions or warnings that you may give.
    Ensure only one child ride the bike at any one time.

  3. Do not use:
    • On the road or on narrow pavements
    • Near a swimming pool, lake or river
    • Anywhere near stairways or steps
    • On gravel, sand or slippery surfaces
    • Whilst using a personal stereo or mobile phone
    • Near hills or inclines
    • Near crowded areas
    • Near any obstacles that could present a hazard to your child
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