Care and Maintenance

To ensure a safe ride for your child always check the following before each ride:

  1. The handlebar, hand grips and seat are correctly positioned.
  2. The tyres have no tears or splits in them.
  3. The wheels rotate freely.
  4. Each wheel axle bolt is tight.
  5. That the steering bolts are tight and not turning.
  6. That your bike has no cracks or signs of unusual wear and tear.

If in doubt, please contact us.

The wood needs to be protected to ensure the longevity of your bike.
If there are any chips, scratches or bare wood is exposed, it is a good idea to patch these up.
Rub a walnut kernal over the damaged timber to bring up like brand new again.

If your bike gets wet, wipe it dry with a soft cloth.
Don't leave your bike outside in the rain and sun.
If your bike is used in sand, clean the sand from the axles straight after use.
Never leave your bike near a fire or heater or other heat source.

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